Manuka Honey contain natural antibacterial properties
UTS : Manuka Honey work in synergy with antibiotics
Manuka Honey is a natural source for energy boost
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Manuka honey is a great source for energy boost
Manuka honey is great for a short-term energy boost as it is it made up purely of carbohydrates, such as fructose and glucose - your body's primary energy source. Researchers at the exercise and sport nutrition laboratory of the University of Memphis found three to five teaspoons of honey reduced the time to complete a 64km time trial by more than three minutes and improved cycling power by 6 per cent compared to a placebo.
Manuka honey provide effective support to your body fight against bacteria
Manuka honey, when taken internally, has been known to provide effective support to your body in treating a variety of digestive tract issues. According to the researched done by University of Technology Sydney, Australia in Feb 2013 that Manuka Honey works in synergy with antibiotics , can both improve the effectiveness of antibiotics and can prevent the emergence of resistance.
Manuka Honey contains high level of Methygyloxal
Researchers from the University of Dresden in Germany found that manuka honey contains very high amounts of a naturally occurring compound called methygyloxal, along with a non-peroxide molecule, make manuka honey unique.
What is UMF®?
UMF® means Unique Manuka Factor: It is a quality trademark identifying natural unaltered manuka honey, and also represents the level of special non-peroxide antibacterial activity found in some Manuka honeys. The UMF® standard is the global standard for identifying and measuring the unique non-peroxide antibacterial strength of honey.